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Being grateful

2 Jan


When I was young, my family celebrated new year’s eve quietly at home. We would make a nice dinner, and after dinner we played board games or card games. My favorite part of the night was when we pulled the calendar down from the wall and reviewed the memorable events from each month. We may have only done this one year, but I prefer to think of it as a tradition — one that I continue in my life today.

Last night I shared homemade lasagna with a friend at my home, and we watched 1960s episodes of The Twilight Zone on television. I barely made it to midnight, at which time we made a little toast and drank a glass of sparkling grape juice and then said goodnight!

I didn’t review my 2013 last night, so I’m doing it now. Melvin (my cat) is sleeping next to me, we’re watching more of The Twilight Zone, and I’m probably going to eat leftover lasagna in a bit. These are the events I remember, or want to remember, from 2013:

January – March – evidently I went on a lot of dates. Good heavens. I don’t even remember half of those people. Sorry, dudes.

April – had to cut short my marathon training, which had gone perfectly up to this point, because my knee hurt like hell. The last 2 miles of my last 22-mile run were excruciating, and I knew then I most likely would not recover for a May marathon. It was damn disappointing, but working back from an injury is a valuable learning experience for a runner who coaches/trains other runners.

May – left my job of almost 10 years to pursue my dream of becoming a personal trainer. I have to honestly say I do not miss my old job at all, which makes me sad. I left on a bad note with the knowledge that I was burning bridges. It had been a bad place for me for the better part of a year, and I took a huge risk leaving. In fact, it probably wasn’t a very smart move. I knew, however, that if I followed my heart, the right path would open up to me, and that is exactly what happened.

June – turned 42 and had to put down Peanut, my sweet and extremely naughty orange tabby kitty. Melvin and I still miss him.

July – began a full-time job as the manager of Running Room, a store that carries shoes, apparel, and gear for runners. I’ve worked part-time for the company since 2011. I always say that mine is the least stressful retail job ever because most of the time I have the pleasure of meeting new runners who are excited about getting started and are eager to listen to every piece of advice.

August – move from an eclectic and vibrant neighborhood in the city to a quiet orchard in the suburbs. I reduced my daily commute by 40 minutes, but it sure is quiet here!

September – baby Ruby, my first niece, was born. She is just the cutest thing ever!

October – completed my fourth marathon with a personal record! I trained for a marathon in the early part of the year but was sidelined with tendonitis in my knee. My training for the Twin Cities marathon went very well, and I had the best race of my life that day despite the rain that started around mile 17 (for me). I knew that I was going to PR by the time I hit mile 20, and I kept looking for someone I knew along the course so I could tell them. I was so jazzed! I crossed the finish line smiling and crying because, even though I was only a few minutes faster than my previous marathon, it was still a record.

November – passed my NASM personal training certification exam! I honestly didn’t think I had passed it, but the woman who graded it assured me that she wouldn’t joke about such a thing. I’ve dreamed of becoming a personal trainer for about 3 years, so the day I realized this goal was incredibly rewarding.

December – was hired by Anytime Fitness in Apple Valley as a part-time personal trainer. I applied for only two jobs and interviewed only for this position, and it is absolutely perfect for me. It’s a small gym owned by a couple who I really like, and the company philosophy and training programs align perfectly with my personal philosophy about fitness and well-being. I know that it will be an excellent place for me to learn and grow as a trainer.

Looking Ahead

In 2014, I’m running my fifth marathon in May as long as I can stay injury free. Beyond that, I will focus most of my energy on becoming a great personal trainer. And I have one giant personal goal that I can’t reveal just yet, but I hope this year will provide me with an opportunity to explore that goal and to share it with those who are close to me.

Here’s to adventures, learning experiences, and the chance to start at Day 1!