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Being one of two

19 Oct

Lately a lot of my friends are in love and posting “twosie” pics (couple’s selfies) all over my Facebook feed. First I want to say, “Yay you guys!” These people are cute in love and they deserve to have oodles of happy exploding out of their faces.

Second, I want to say, “I want that, too.” I want to fill up everyone’s Facebook feeds with pictures of me and my (currently nonexistent) love until they get so sick of me that they unfriend me.

I’m pretty sure I am not jealous or covetous. I just really want to be in a relationship with someone so I don’t have to spend Thanksgiving alone. And for lots and lots of other reasons too.

The fact that I do not currently have a partnership type of love makes me think very hard about why I don’t. I have a supremely bad picker — the last two men I loved were very bad people. I’m picky, but I think you should be. Just because someone is nice and single doesn’t mean they are right for me. I have a few kind of big “deal breakers” working against me, too, which makes me a no for many of the men I’ve met. Also maybe I’m a little bit broken, although in what way I’m not fully aware.

I truly believe there is at least one person out there who is meant to be with me. Maybe they live in Aruba. Maybe I already met them, or maybe I’ll meet them in the next 15 minutes. Maybe they are on that dating site that I recently got off of. Maybe they are looking at their friends’ Facebook posts and feeling the same way I am today.

If you have any leftover love juju you can send my way, I will take it.