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Coming home

30 Dec

In 1998, the year that Jesse Ventura was elected governor of Minnesota, I moved from Fargo to Minneapolis. I moved because my friends said, “Come to Minneapolis! You’ll love it here!” And I did love it.

I very easily became a city girl, just like Mary Richards, and did all of the things that city girls do. I walked a lot or took the bus. I ran along the rivers mary-tyler-moore-opening-creditsand creeks and lakes. I dined in quirky restaurants in downtown and Uptown and Frog Town and Dinkytown. And on Grand Avenue. I shopped at the Mall of America and went to the State Fair. Every summer I took an afternoon off to see the sea lion show at the Como Zoo. I rallied at the Capitol for marriage equality. I bought most of my furniture at IKEA.

I truly loved the city and even got used to the suburbs, where I lived for the past two years. Then two months ago, I made the decision to move back to North Dakota to be closer to my family and to be as far as possible from a very unhealthy relationship. I moved so I could reinvent myself, which I’m not sure is possible at my age, but I’m going to try. I’m starting by becoming a car salesperson and the only person who’s not a man on the entire staff.

Now Melvin (the cat) and I live in a tiny two bedroom apartment. There are two pizza joints, a bar/grill/casino, a dollar store, a dilapidated movie theater, my new bank, a Caribou Coffee, two “little free libraries,” and two grocery stores within walking distance from us. My work is .2 miles away. The running paths along the river are 1 mile away. My siblings and their families are near, too.

I lost a few things in the break-up/relocation: a television, the cool bookshelf I rescued from a dumpster in downtown Minneapolis, all of my plastic food storage containers, the little glass plate that twirls around in the microwave, a jar of red pepper flakes (which I put in everything), and the bathroom cleaning supplies. I think I gained some peace and serenity though, which is more valuable than any of that stuff.

I learned some good lessons in 2015. First, if a man is drowning you should throw him a line and let him pull himself to safety because if you jump in to save him, he’ll drown both of you. Second, if your cat has been accustomed to pooping outside for most of his life and you make him try to learn to poop inside, he will resent you for it. And by “resent” I mean “poop on your blanket.”

In 2016, I want to:

  • Run the Fargo half marathon in May and the Wild Hog marathon (in my town!) in September
  • Be a better friend
  • Spend less time alone
  • See a Fighting Sioux (I mean…Hawks??) hockey game
  • Eat more vegetables and fewer carbohydrates
  • Make something with the three large storage totes of denim jeans I have in my sewing room
  • Visit my grandparents
  • See more movies
  • Get a new library card