Trying to get a date

The dating pool seems to have dried up for this girl. *frowny face*


Almost every day I send a message or ten to different fellas on the dating site. They are always witty and in reference to something the guy wrote on his profile. It is rare that I get a response.

And every three or four days, a guy sends me a one-word message. “Hi.” Really? I’m not worth a few syllables? I could be the love of your damn life, and that’s all you got? I finally changed my mail settings so new messages to me have to be at least 50 characters. That’s less than a tweet, for crying out loud.

Recently I had a couple of decent phone conversations with a bald-headed, tattooed drummer who lives an hour away from me. In our first conversation, he asked me if I liked intimacy. As my friend, Darin, says, “They tell you what you need to know.” I wasn’t listening.

He invited me to come down and listen to him play a show at a bar on a Saturday night. I usually am in bed by 9:30, and I wasn’t super excited about sitting alone in a bar (I don’t drink alcohol or soda, for that matter) waiting to talk to him between sets, but I was like YOLO. Then on the Thursday before, at 9:00 p.m., he texted me and said I should come watch a movie with him. At his house. On a school night. I was like, “I’m already in my pajamas” and after I fell asleep he texted again and said, “If you had left when I texted you, you’d be here by now.”

The next day I realized he was asking for Netflix and chill. So we didn’t meet.

I also have been texting with a bald-headed IT guy who is a runner (JOY!), but he just got out of a serious relationship and doesn’t want to date. Secretly I hope I’ll be cool enough for him to change his mind, but it’s a waste of my good, sexy energy to hope for that.

I just really want to have a date, like go out for coffee or food–preferably food–and have a lively and engaging conversation about topics that are more interesting than the weather. That’s all. Instead, it’s Saturday night and I’ll be doing laundry and watching “Iron Fist” with Melvin.


What do you think about what/who/how I'm being?

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