Meeting my child

Some of you have been sending me such wonderful energy and love regarding my search for my birth son. Though I realize (almost) no one has been hanging on the edge of their seat, I want to provide an update so you can be as excited as I am.

Two days ago, we met each other for the first time since my birth son was three weeks old! We made plans to meet a few days before, so I had some time to be anxious or nervous, but I wasn’t. You’d think after 27 years I would have felt a little bit like I was going to faint or something, but I didn’t — maybe because he seemed so laid back about the whole thing.

Honestly I sometimes imagined that our meeting would be like one from an Oprah episode. I didn’t want that, of course, but that was sort of my only frame of reference. I think because we had been texting each other for a few months and had been able to learn about each other through social media, all the potential for drama and sobbing was gone. We just met for lunch/dinner on a Friday afternoon. No big deal.

We hugged, which was totally my favorite part. We talked about our life experiences and families and the things we most enjoy, like food (he’s definitely my kid) and sports (hockey for him, running for me). We shared stories. We got to know each other. We hugged when we parted and said we’d be in touch.

I didn’t cry once! I forgot to take a picture! I didn’t say anything weird!

He’s a wonderful young man. He is thoughtful and smart and funny and successful. He has just the right amount of self-deprecating humor. He definitely loves his parents and brother. I’m so proud of him and so unbelievably grateful to his parents for giving him the life he’s had and for supporting and encouraging him, especially in his desire to know me.

You can begin to imagine how happy I am. After all this time, I now am certain that adoption was the best choice for all of us, and I feel the most incredible peace and love. Thank you for coming along on this journey for me and for sharing my happiness!


4 thoughts on “Meeting my child

  1. Tonya

    I have been waiting for a update! On the edge of my seat here, but didn’t want to push for updates. I am so happy that it went so perfect!

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