Writing a book

AH! This morning I had to do something that was slightly painful — more painful than waxing the hair on my upper lip and pulling off a tiny sliver of skin. I trashed all of the #nanowrimo posts that I created in November because they are to be included in my book, and because you can’t just hide posts in WordPress. The great news is that the drafts are all saved in GoogleDocs (whew!), and one day soon you may be able to re-read the stories in an actual paper copy (or digital version, if that’s your preference) of my book!!!

Yesterday I received some very encouraging feedback from an EDITOR! She said she was BLOWN AWAY (IN ALL CAPS, you guys!!) by my writing, and it is totally publishable, and I should submit it to the BIG houses. Holy shit.

So, on we go! Cross your fingers. Put aside ten bucks so you can buy my book. Schedule me for a reading in 2018.



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